Does the pupps rash cause permanent scaring?

While the pupps rash does cause major discomfort and can cover the entire body, pupps does not cause permanent scaring. The pupps rash is a cluster of red whelp like bumps that itch intensely. Having the pupps rash does not guarantee that you will have scars from the pupps rash itself. Scratching the pupps rash is what causes the most scaring and even those scars are not permanent.

The bumps from the pupps rash seems to disappear sooner than the redness caused by the pupps rash. The redness is more noticeable in the abdomen area of the body. It can last weeks after the pupps rash is gone. Once the bumps have cleared up, the itching should be gone and not cause anymore agony.

The best way to avoid scaring all together is by rubbing the rash as oppose to scratching it. However, I have not heard of anyone who has had the pupps rash and did not scratch at some point. The best advice I have for anyone who thinks she may have the pupps rash, is to focus on the marks after pupps is gone and focus on soothing and getting rid of the pupps rash while you have it.

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