Is the Pupps Rash Contagious?

The pupps rash is a pregnancy rash that I would not wish on my worst enemy. Having had the pupps rash only once, I experienced it long enough to know that I would never want to get pupps again. The pupps rash makes you feel like a different person. Pupps has the tendency to make you feel like you are losing your mind. I am aware of the symptoms of postpartum depression and really feel like the pupps rash was driving me right into the hands of it.

This list of symptoms that I am about to share with you is not all that I experienced while suffering from the pupps rash; however, it is the part of the pupps rash that is contagious. The pupps rash symptoms list includes restless days and nights, screaming, moaning, and whining, red eyes from lack of sleep, extreme scratching, and low a bank account from spending money on anything and everything I thought would provide some relief. Those of you that have had the pupps rash know that there is much more to the pupps rash, but those are the only things that I consider contagious. Everyone around me felt my pain, but my husband especially experienced everything on the list.

While the pupps rash is really NOT contagious. The pupps rash will have some kind of effect on the people around you. Because I only have two hands, I had to use my husbands two hands to scratch the areas of my body that I could not reach.

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