How many times have you wanted to scream “SHUT THE PUPPP UP” on a daily bases? Clearly the intense irritation of PUPPP (aka pupps rash or pregnancy rash) is severely underrated. It makes you want to scream, “help me” to anyone who will listen. The only problem with that is, no one really knows how to fix it. You can read every blog on the web and still may not find a solution that works for you. Why on earth is something this annoying and painful so disregarded?

As a PUPPP survivor, I can relate to the PUPPP survivors and sufferers who say or have said, “I thought I was going to lose my mind.” While I am sure there are worse things to experience in life, it does not change the fact that PUPPP is pretty horrible. Can you imagine feeling like you are itching down to your bones? If that does not scare you, imagine itching like that nonstop for weeks, even months. It makes you want to scream “SHUT THE PUPPP UP!”
The problem with shutting PUPPP up is the fact that it is very aggressive, intense, and angry. It’s going to be seen and heard. The longer you are acquainted with PUPPP the more noise it makes. Yes, it gets worse. It’s so annoying that it can drive you to outbursts similar to those of Tourette victims. It causes you to cry like a newborn baby. It can drive you straight into depression. To add insult to injury, it literally takes over your life.
Fortunately for PUPPP sufferers, I hear your cry. I am familiar with the loud outbursts and even the slight feeling of depression. It is a normal part of the process of going through PUPPP. Why does it have to linger so long? Why is there no cure for PUPPP? Why should women be plagued with this nasty rash during such a special time in their lives? These were the questions I asked and I am sure you have the same questions.
Since I have survived my battle with PUPPP, I have made it my business to make it easier for other women. I would have loved to find something to help me fight PUPPP head on. I hated wasting my time searching the web and seeing the same thing, other women desperate for an answer. For this reason, I wrote and published The PUPPP Cleanse – A pregnant woman’s guide on how to get rid of PUPP the natural way. I hope that is can provide some relief to those who stumble upon it.

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