Signs That You May Have the Pupps Rash

The pupps rash is a pregnancy rash that some women get during the last trimester of pregnancy. The earliest signs/symptoms you will become aware of that elude that you may have the pupps rash is small itchy bumps. These bumps, if associated with the pupps rash, usually start on some area of the abdomen. At first glance the bumps (pupps rash) appear very tiny and are only noticeable because of the itchiness.

As time progresses and one becomes further along in pregnancy, the bumps spread and the itch begins to intensify. Before the pupps rash goes away, it usually gets worse. The rash spreads sometimes all over the body. It covers everything but the face, the palm of the hands, and the sole of the feet. During this time, the pupps rash stops looking like clusters of tiny bumps and more like whelps. In addition, the skin begins to turn red in the areas covered by the pupps rash.

To date, I have not heard of any other early detection signs or symptoms for the pupps rash. I also have not found any evidence that early detection makes curing the pupps rash any faster or better. I have learned that there are many different treatments and there is no one size fits all regimen to cure the pupps rash. For those of you who think you may have the pupps rash, I pray you don’t. If you do, please see your doctor as soon as possible.

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